In 1999, in a small woodshop on a dirt road in Maine, the dream of a cabinet shop became reality. As the years have passed the dream has evolved and that small cabinet shop has become a thriving business.

The original Jewett Farms + Co Cabinet shop was a bare bones operation. Matthew Lord and Mike Myers had a focus on quality and fine craftsmanship and the shop was set up to support that goal, any extraneous comforts (indoor plumbing for example!) were just not important enough to make the cut.

Fortunately, as time passed, this commitment to their craft paid off and business started to grow. Matt and Mike increased the size of the York, ME shop, doubling their workspace. After a year or two it was time to expand again – this time they added a new, larger finish area as well as an office, showroom and yes, a bathroom.

After 11 years in York the time finally came to move to a larger space. After an extensive search Mike and Matt found their new Dover home. The 15,000 square foot space was an empty shell which they completely transformed into a state of the art cabinet shop, and the Jewett Farms + Co main office. The shop has a great history, in the 1890’s it was home to the Somersworth Machine Co. which manufactured woodworking equipment that was exported all over the world.

Matt and Mike are committed to Jewett Farms + Co. From the beginning they have worked tirelessly to create a culture of quality and craftsmanship, finding creative and sustainable ways to grow a traditional business in a modern economy.

These two are busy guys. Both are dads, husband and athletes, this is an energetic pair! Mike has participated in the Pan Mass Challenge every year since 2009 and Matt is a Leadville Trail 100 and Ironman finisher. Their love of cycling lead them to start the Jewett Farms Racing Team – a casual group of local cyclists who are now found at many New England Bike races.

Matt and Mike’s energy and enthusiasm invigorates Jewett Farms + Co. Making it a place where activity and creativity are nurtured and hard work is the norm.