Since 1999 Jewett Farms + Co has been building custom cabinets to the very highest quality standards. When he started the company as a solo craftsman Matthew Lord knew that only the best construction would do. As the company has grown, the ethos of superior quality has remained a benchmark of Jewett Farms + Co. cabinetry. This philosophy is embodied throughout the design, construction and finishing process.

Built By Our Hands

Jewett Farms + Co cabinetry is constructed with unique care from start to finish. Small teams of craftsmen work together to bring a project from raw materials to finished product. They are personally charged with every detail and know each project inside and out. There’s no assembly line at Jewett Farms + Co, our cabinets receive individualized attention and it shows.

Obsessive About Quality

Throughout the entire construction process quality is our top priority. From the assembly of each cabinet to the careful fitting of every door and drawer front, many eyes are on every detail. After construction, cabinets undergo another quality check as the finish is applied. As cabinets are prepared for delivery, one last inspection ensures that no detail is overlooked.


Our traditionally inspired construction is reminiscent of a time when cabinets were built directly into a home. We use a single face frame style of cabinetry which virtually eliminates seams between cabinets and creates the feeling of a custom furniture piece. Our goal is to make your cabinetry look as though it was always meant to be there. Jewett Farms + Co. inset cabinetry is fundamentally different from mass produced cabinets, it takes precision craftsmanship and considerable time and energy to ensure that each door and drawer fits perfectly within a precisely sized opening in the frame. The resulting look is clean and distinctive, resonating quality .

Inspired Design, Traditionally Crafted

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