Old Growth Wood Flooring

Jewett Farms + Co’s Old Growth flooring brings the true beauty of antique wood to hardwood flooring. These remarkable timbers are found when ancient trees, some up to 400 years old, naturally reach the end of their life. Some timber is cut from standing dead trees and others from those that have fallen. This natural weathering gives the wood unique character; it has a very tight grain and all the visual interest of reclaimed wood, with none of the nail or saw marks. Jewett Farms + Co offers a large selection of old growth hardwood flooring in several species and plank widths from our New England headquarters. Please explore our offerings below. All Jewett Farms + Co old growth flooring models are available to ship nationwide.

Old Growth White Oak Smooth Flooring

The Beauty and strength of Oak that has been allowed its natural growth cycle is unparalleled. Our Old Growth White Oak flooring combines russet, gold and tawny tones along with dense and varying grain patterns.

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Old Growth Mountain White Oak – Circular Sawn Flooring

Old Growth Mountain White Oak ranges in color from honey tones to deep browns. Oak planks are extremely durable and hard wearing, perfect for high traffic areas.

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Old Growth Wormy Red Oak Flooring

Old Growth Wormy Red Oak flooring gets its name from the tree’s inhabitants during its post growth period. Typically only found in the high end wormy chestnut, these interesting little marks (worm holes) make for an authentically aged feeling oak floor.

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Old Growth Cherry – Smooth Flooring

Old Growth Cherry planks combine the deep reddish brown of the cherry heartwood with the golden pinkish hues of the sapwood to create a rich and inviting floor. Cherry has long been prized for its fine grain and natural luster.

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Old Growth Pioneer Cherry – Circular Sawn Flooring

Our Pioneer Cherry plank flooring combines the deep red heartwood and golden colors of the sap wood to create a look that is traditional, historic and elegant. It has a fine grain pattern and an enduring strength.

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Old Growth Walnut – Smooth Flooring

Slow growth (old growth) walnut’s natural hues are refined and unique. The deep chocolate tones of the heart wood and the rich caramel of the sapwood are perfectly preserved by our steam free manufacturing process, allowing the depth of color to shine through.

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Old Growth American Gunstock Walnut – Circular Sawn Flooring

Old Growth American Gunstock Walnut has a deep purplish chocolate hue with some lighter tones mixed in from the outer sapwood. Walnut is strong and durable with a tight grain pattern and some knots and sound checking.

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Old Growth Hickory – Smooth Flooring

Old Growth Hickory is the strongest commercial wood available. Hickory is hard – really hard, its strength and density can even blunt saws. Hickory is heavy, hard and strong, providing a perfect flooring choice for high traffic areas.

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Old Growth Vintage Hickory – Circular Sawn Flooring

Old Growth Vintage Hickory planks are milled with an antique 60 inch saw blade, replicating the original milling process and giving your hickory wide plank floor a true sense of history. Rustic hues and an exquisite varied grain pattern shine through in this rugged wood.

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Old Growth White Pine Flooring

Old Growth White Pine flooring is a naturally soft wood that will reflect the comings and goings of daily life. Over time, white pine will develop a golden hue that has given this timber the nickname “pumpkin pine.”

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