Old Growth Cherry Flooring

Jewett Farms + Co’s Old Growth Cherry plank flooring features rich red and brown tones that develop over time giving our cherry flooring an enduring and sophisticated appeal that grows more beautiful with every year. Cherry wood has been highly valued by craftsmen for generations. Its rich, cherry toned timbers are fine grained, insect resistant and strong. It is also pliable and for this reason has been prized as a material not only for furniture but also for musical instruments.

Jewett Farms + Co’s selection of Old Growth Cherry flooring is a spectacular choice for customers looking to add a sophisticated feel their homes. Jewett Farms + Co offers two versions of our popular Old Growth Cherry flooring from our New England headquarters.

Jewett Farms + Co Wooducation: Reclaimed Wood Flooring v. Old Growth Wood Flooring

Old Growth Cherry – Smooth Flooring

Old Growth Cherry planks combine the deep reddish brown of the cherry heartwood with the golden pinkish hues of the sapwood to create a rich and inviting floor. Cherry has long been prized for its fine grain and natural luster.

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Old Growth Pioneer Cherry – Circular Sawn Flooring

Our Pioneer Cherry plank flooring combines the deep red heartwood and golden colors of the sap wood to create a look that is traditional, historic and elegant. It has a fine grain pattern and an enduring strength.

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