Reclaimed Antique Oak Flooring

Jewett Farms + Co provides Reclaimed Antique Oak that is salvaged from barns and other wooden structures erected around the turn of the century. Oak was used throughout these structures as joists, granary boards, flooring, siding and rafters. Oak could be relied on for its durability and was prized for its strength.

The strong, tall Oak tree provided the basis of the American timber industry for decades. Oak is a symbol of strength and durability – and for good reason. Oak trees develop their significant strength during their long slow growth. It can take up to 75 years for an Oak to fully mature and they can keep growing for 200 years. The density of the wood almost equals that of water, and Oak is resistant to decay.

Those characteristics remain today in the boards re-purposed from these structures and milled into Reclaimed Antique Oak flooring. Jewett Farms + Co offer many reclaimed oak flooring finishes from our New England headquarters including classic boards to the very popular hit skip planks.

Jewett Farms + Co Wooducation: Reclaimed Wood Flooring v. Old Growth Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Oak Classic Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Oak wide plank floors have a timeless look, and are as durable and hard working as they are beautiful. Each board is hand selected for its character and patina.

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Reclaimed Antique Oak Hit Skip Flooring

Hit Skip refers to the planing process where only the high spots are taken out of the board, preserving the original character while still creating a flat board. This flooring has a similar hue to our Classic Reclaimed Antique Oak planks, with warm and inviting chocolate tones.

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Reclaimed Antique Oak Resawn Flooring

Reclaimed, Resawn wide plank floors feature a sophisticated appearance with a consistent golden color is created by carefully milling each plank to remove a portion of the aged surface.

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Reclaimed Antique Oak Old Original Face Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Oak that has not been altered or cut by modern technologies is referred to as Old Original Face. Old Original Face reclaimed Oak flooring has warm earth tones, tight knot structure and varied grain patterns.

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Reclaimed Antique Oak Trophy Plank Flooring

Trophy Plank flooring incorporates a rich selection of rare hardwoods that blend tones and markings. Reclaimed Antique Trophy Plank Oak brings the durability and traditional feel of Oak into the mix.

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