Reclaimed Antique Mixed Species Flooring

Jewett Farms + Co’s selection of Reclaimed Antique Mixed Species flooring is a popular choice for contemporary or unique New England homes as well as sophisticated urban lofts. Jewett Farms + Co offer two versions of our popular Reclaimed Mixed Species flooring from our New England headquarters.

The beauty of combining species creates an antique plank floor that is wonderfully individual. With timbers sourced from barns, granaries and mills, and species that are now hard to find, our mixed species flooring options are completely unique.

Jewett Farms + Co Wooducation: Reclaimed Wood Flooring v. Old Growth Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Historic Wide Plank Flooring

Antique Historic Planks truly capture the feel of reclaimed flooring material. With a rich mixture of hardwoods these boards are wonderfully eye catching and make for a unique floor, wall or ceiling solution.

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Reclaimed Antique Trophy Plank Flooring

A rare and truly unique floor, Jewett Farms + Co’s Reclaimed Antique Trophy Plank flooring is built piece by piece using carefully selected reclaimed hardwoods. The best selections of reclaimed hardwoods are chosen for this flooring.

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