Revisiting a favorite project

May 17, 2018

Jewett Farms + Co. Revisiting a favorite project

We’re revisiting a favorite project in the blog this week. This gorgeous NH country home is a family institution. It has been the venue for weddings, birthdays and family reunions over the years hosting hundreds of friends and family members. There is no typical for this house. At times there are only two in the house, but it has often welcomed over 50. Continue reading →

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Design Centers – Making the Most of your Visit

May 3, 2018


Design Centers have evolved. They are open to all and offer so much inspiration in the treasures that hide within Design Center showrooms. The tricky part is making the most of your visit, with so many styles and offerings it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Not to worry, JF has you covered. Continue reading →

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The dogs of Jewett Farms and Liz Caan

April 26, 2018

bow wow blitz

We are thrilled to partner with designer Liz Caan for the Bow Wow Blitz: a creative fundraising event where Boston’s best interior designers have teamed up with BDC showrooms to envision and create a dog’s dream bed, house, shelter, toy, or other canine adornments.  The creations will be donated to Second Chance Animal Services and showcased at the gala and silent auction at the Bow Wow Blitz. All auction proceeds from the evening will benefit Second Chance. Continue reading →

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Sustainability in Design + Building

April 12, 2018

Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 001

The Jewett Farms + Co and Northshore Home Magazine Boston Design Week discussion was aptly named Beyond Sustainability but the conversation went far deeper. Moderator Nancy Berry, editor of Northshore Home Magazine put together a group that had so much to offer the conversation, it was an honor to be on the panel. For those of you who missed it – here’s a short recap of some of the main points that were discussed. Continue reading →

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