Our Commitment to Junior Cycling

June 22, 2017

RJF team

Jewett Farms + Co. are thrilled to announce the newest venture in our ongoing support of junior cycling. JF has teamed up with the Rasputitsa Spring Classic to create an Under 18 Gravel Team. This team will be participating in gravel and cyclocross events throughout New England this summer in hopes of encouraging a new generation to cycle those back roads we all love. Continue reading →

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Spotlight on Walnut

June 15, 2017


The rich, dark hues of Walnut have been the embodiment of traditional luxury for generations. With its beautiful grain configuration and strong, straight timber, Walnut is a classic choice for woodworkers. Continue reading →

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Our Commitment to the Environment

June 2, 2017

File Feb 18, 7 10 36 PM

Since its inception Jewett Farms + Co has become a leader in sustainable business practices. Best environmental practice informs all our decisions from sourcing sustainably grown, regionally milled hardwoods to protecting the air we breathe and the health of our employees by choosing formaldehyde free veneer core materials as well as water based finishes.

Our sustainability practices are constantly evolving. Currently, we are moving toward a zero waste facility with our company-wide single stream recycling program and donations of all saw dust and wood waste to local farms.

As cabinetmakers and woodworkers, we recognize the vital role that our environment plays in our business. Our innovations and choices are driven by the goal of always being stewards of the earth. We don’t have ‘green bullet points’, our philosophy and practices are all encompassing and result in a high-quality product made in the most environmentally responsible way.

In 2017 we are committing to double down on our efforts of sustainability and to affect change in our industry. As a proud American company, we believe it is our responsibility to be ambassadors of responsible manufacturing. To provide an example of positive environmental action despite national actions to the contrary.

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What’s Happening in the JF Cabinet Shop? #workinprogress

June 1, 2017


It’s always a hive of activity in the JF Cabinet Shop, I like to drive the guys crazy by wandering through snapping Instagram-worthy pics every few days. On a recent foray, I was struck by one project in particular that makes storage a priority.

Designed by JF’s Paula Accioly, this kitchen is like the Tardis, it will fit more on the inside than the stylish outside betrays. The design is both thoughtful, beautiful and customized to fit the needs of the homeowners perfectly.

Let’s check out a few of the fun storage elements in this design.

Photo Jun 01, 10 14 15 AMDrawers, behind cabinet doors. To maintain the look of a classic kitchen cabinet, but fully utilize all the space behind the doors, drawers are the solution. JF drawers are beautifully made and roll in and out on high-quality hardware so that nothing is lost in the dark areas at the back of a cabinet. Continue reading →

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Design Centers – Making the Most of your Visit

May 25, 2017


In part two in our series discussing Design Centers, we look at the time you’ll spend in the showrooms. As you now know from blog #1, the evolution of the design center, everyone is welcome to peruse the treasures that hide within Design Center showrooms. The tricky part is making the most of your visit, with so many styles and offerings it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Not to worry, JF has you covered. Continue reading →

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