The Design Center has Evolved

May 18, 2017


The old school notion of the trade only, closed door design center has been replaced. The design center of 2017 is a mecca of unique, luxurious and innovative products staffed by knowledgeable, committed professionals. And everyone is welcome.

The Boston Design Center is leading the charge in the evolution of Design Centers, and we are thrilled. Jewett Farms + Co. moved in to the BDC in November of 2015 after careful consideration and much reasearch into the future plans of the building. As a local, small business we got our start working directly with home owners and although we now also work with many trade professionals, we will always love working with the people who actually use our kitchens.

However, we often run into misinformation about the BDC – so i’m here to clarify. Continue reading →

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Learn from the design pros – creating a kitchen with longevity.

May 11, 2017

Jewett Farms 9 12 Newburyport 8

Number four in our series expanding on the information shared during our Boston Design Week event, Lunch Date with a Designer.

StantonSchwartz_FP3_3-21-2017_Jess_FinalJessica is a founder of Stanton Schwartz Design Group, an interior design firm operating out of the Boston’s Seaport District. Having spent her entire professional career in design, Jessica began in the exclusive world of fine jewelry. There, she worked with luxury diamond jewelry brands, specializing in product development and manufacturing. Refining her eye for detail and form, she now turns her attention to larger scale design and prides herself on creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. She has since worked on Retail, Commercial and Residential projects; where Jessica’s versatility as a designer allows her and her team to make careful considerations appropriate for their clients, their budget, and their timeline through custom interiors and project management.

Jessica holds a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture from the New England School of Art and Design and has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University where she majored in Product Development. She has held positions with STA and Bergmeyer Architects before launching her eponymous studio. She lives in the Seaport with her husband, her daughter and their Golden Retriever.

We asked Jessica to speak a little about the importance of the kitchen itself, and how to ensure that the design creates a space that will be both well suited for the homeowner as well as a lasting investment for them. Continue reading →

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Close Up on Craftsmanship – Finish Strong

May 4, 2017


The overall design of a kitchen is directly impacted by the finish and color of the cabinetry, making this decision one of the most important parts of the kitchen renovation journey.

JF-10-3-14-2878Wood is good. There’s no denying the beauty of natural wood, the unique grain patterns, and movement in each species can be incorporated into almost any design plan. The kind of finish best used on natural wood depends on the level of sheen you want your wood to have. To create a glossy shine we use a water based clear coat urethane. For an understated matte finish, we apply an oil – tung oil or a product like Rubio Monocoat, a natural oil that protects wood in a single coat and is a Zero VOC product.

Design is key. Determining which product is best for your wood cabinetry or surfaces comes down to looking at where and how they will be used. Is the area high traffic? A food preparation zone? Near running water? Part of your design process should include how and where you will use each area of your kitchen. Continue reading →

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Learn from the design pros – bringing sustainability to your project

April 27, 2017


The third in our series expanding on the information shared during our Boston Design Week event, Lunch Date with a Designer.

Andrew_1Andrew Sidford is widely considered one of the top architects in the Boston area. His expertise ranges from historic renovations to contemporary design, and from single-family homes to large-scale commercial and institutional projects. He founded his architectural practice in 1992. His unique designs have garnered accolades and awards, and have been featured in Boston Globe Magazine, Design New England, Northshore Magazine, and numerous others.

Andrew’s commitment to sustainable design has always been a strong component of his work. His operating principle is that good design is implicitly sustainable. In 2006, Andrew Sidford Architects became the first architectural firm to join 1% For the Planet, an international environmental group whose members pledge one percent of their profits to environmental causes.

Given Andrew’s considerable experience in sustainable design, we asked him to describe a few steps that homeowners can take to make their project both sustainable and environmentally responsible. Continue reading →

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Jewett Farms + Co. standard finish color selection

April 26, 2017


The Jewett Farms + Co standard finish color range is a carefully curated selection of our most loved and often chosen colors. They fit beautifully with our design aesthetic and have been proven in the field (kitchen) to stand the test of time. Click each swatch to be linked to the Benjamin Moore site for that color. All JF finishes are water based and can be spray applied or hand painted. Visit our Boston Design Center Showroom for samples and to see some of these colors in person. Continue reading →

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