Head down into the basement of many historic New England homes and chances are you’ll find a big old soapstone laundry sink, still working, still in near perfect condition. Soapstone truly stands the test of time. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock primarily composed of the mineral Talc. The Steatite Soapstone that we use for counters also contains a number of other minerals that make it hard enough for daily use.


Soapstone is non-porous which makes for an extremely functional and virtually worry free surface. You simply can’t stain soapstone counters – red wine spills, coffee cup rings, drips of balsamic vinegar? Not a problem, all can be wiped away with not a hint of a stain remaining.


Due to its incredible density Soapstone will not harbor any bacteria on its surface. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your family’s counters are germ-free and healthy.


Soapstone can withstand direct heat allowing pots and pans to move directly from range to counter without trivets or any fear of damaging the surface. Because of its superior heat conductivity soapstone is also a great flooring choice, it creates an even spread of warmth which is extremely efficient and perfect for radiant floor heat.


Soapstone is the only natural stone countertop that doesn’t require a chemical sealer. That means no nasty chemical off-gassing into your home. Nor does it require chemical based specialty cleaning products. Its siliceous nature means you can clean your soapstone with virtually anything including 100% natural options like vinegar and lemon juice. A coating of mineral oil will darken the stone and enhance the natural veining, and light sanding will buff out any scratches, restoring your counters to their original glory.

Functional Meets Beautiful

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