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This week we had a guest at the shop – Rick Guynn from Olde Wood Ltd came to NH and shared his immense knowledge of reclaimed antique wood flooring with us – all packed into two days! Our heads are reeling with details and it reaffirmed what a great partner we have in Olde Wood Ltd.

Here are a couple of things that struck me as particularly interesting:

Reclaimed Antique Vs Reused

Olde Wood Ltd’s entire reclaimed flooring line is antique wood – this means lumber that is more than 70 years old. The wood is salvaged from early timber frame and wood frame agricultural and industrial structures; old barns and factories. Today large lumber mills will saw logs and sort them into grades, but a century ago they simply milled the whole log – all parts were used. This means that reclaimed antique woods have a depth of character that simply can’t be found in wood, even ‘reclaimed’ from more modern times.

Old Growth – Greener than it sounds!

The term Old Growth Wood Flooring tends to make one think of the grandfather tree in the forest being taken down by the evil backhoe, as all the forest animals scatter…. Well, let me clear that up for you! Old Growth wood flooring comes from a mix of standing dead trees, fallen trees and selectively harvested mature trees. Olde Wood Ltd works exclusively with an Amish foresting company that selects the trees responsibly and makes way for new growth in the forest. The whole log is then plainsawn on a 100 year old circular blade. The forest benefits and the community benefits, and we benefit by being able to offer this extremely beautiful, unique and environmentally friendly product.

It was great to have Rick here; it’s always fun to share knowledge with someone who loves their business as much as we love ours. And to round out his visit we finalized a sale of some awesome antique Hickory. Bringing Olde Wood Ltd and Jewett Farms + Co together locally.