Small Kitchen Big Space

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Small can be mighty! A diminutive kitchen that is designed well can be as beautiful and functional as any large kitchen. It all comes down to creative and efficient design.

Efficiency > Super-Sized. The days of a kitchen’s worth being judged by its square footage went out with the McMansion. There are some great benefits to working with a smaller space in the kitchen. A smaller footprint may free up your budget so that you can choose higher-end products that may have been out of reach in a larger space. It is also a golden opportunity to purge, keep only what you really love and ditch the rest without guilt.

Floor to ceiling custom kitchen cabinetryEuro can be the way to go. There’s no denying the appeal of an 8 burner industrial range, but there are other (smaller) options that are equally as stylish. Can’t find anything in the US brands – go Euro! Many kitchens in Europe are much smaller than their US counterparts and appliances are sold to suit their markets. Look at the Miele 12″ Double Gas Cooktop with Stainless Steel Control Knob, Sealed Burners, Electric Spark Ignition and Cast Iron Grate. Refrigerators can be downsized too, Miele has a stylish slimline fridge that is only 24” wide – that’s a foot smaller than most options – very cool.

Go tall. Cabinetry that extends to the ceiling has the dual benefit of creating extra storage and visually expanding the space. The upper cabinets may not be the most convenient spots to reach, but they are great for items that are only used on occasion, not your everyday kitchen gear.

Step out of the box. Custom cabinets can be made to fit your needs if you have a particularly narrow area work with your designer and cabinetmaker to reduce the depth of your cabinets from the typical 24” to something that better fits your space.

Kitchen Island storage drawers

Utilize your island. The kitchen island can be a wonderful source of extra space and multi-functional use. From homework to pre-dinner party cocktails. A clear island countertop can be very well utilized but in order to keep the top free of clutter, you need to make the most of the space underneath. Drawers instead of open cabinets will ensure that every bit of space is accessible. Pull outs for trash and recycling will keep them out of your way. Tall cookie sheet cabinets will store these tricky items effectively. Even cutting boards can be integrated into the island. If you are really short on space the island can house your sink and cooktop too – it’s like the MacGyver of kitchen design. Read more about Kitchen Islands here.

Alternative pantries. The pull out pantry is perhaps the sneakiest of all the space saving ideas. The amount of functional storage that is gained far exceeds the space it requires. Every inch of a pull out pantry is accessible. Shelving in custom built pull out pantries can be completely customized to fit your specific needs.

From minimalist hardware to undermounted sinks, there are many small changes that will have a big impact on how your small kitchen functions. When space is limited smart choices and good design are crucial, incorporating these will make a small kitchen a perfect kitchen.

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