Color in the Kitchen

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If the kitchen is the heart of the home then doesn’t it make sense that it should be warm and inviting? Bringing color to the kitchen can add more than you think.  Don’t be scared, a splash of color in the kitchen can be stylish without being garish. Let Jewett Farms + Co. show you how.

color kitchenAn Island of Color.

The kitchen island can be a great place to add color without overwhelming a space. According to the experts at Houzz “a neutral island paired with neutral cabinets can create a too-sterile look that comes off as institutional.  A good solution that fixes both problems is painting the kitchen island a color that contrasts the perimeter cabinets”

Complementary Opposites. 

Opposing colors facing off is quite stylish. When choosing your colors also keep in mind the other parts of the room. How many areas will you see from the kitchen? How many other colors are already active in your decor?

color kitchen

color kitchenInterior for Color. 

Sometimes a subtle pop of color can have the most impact. Painting the interior of open cabinets can be a wonderful way to introduce a little color without making it overwhelming. This is particularly true in smaller kitchens or very open spaces that already have a lot going on.



When Wood is a Color.

The natural grain and patterning of wood can create warmth. The JF Boston showroom features a sleek, modern kitchen with cabinetry painted in a shiny, white, high gloss. The walnut upper cabinet interiors and backsplash maintain the contemporary feel but add a softness that is desirable in the kitchen. Pairing wood with white maintains a neutral palette that doesn’t feel sterile. In a more rustic design, the use of reclaimed barn board can add another element of color and texture.

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark. 

In the years of white, off-white, beige and cream matching cabinets we were taught that dark colors would make a space feel small and cramped – untrue! Dark colors, black, navy, and charcoal gray are not only very stylish but when added well can give a sense of grandeur.

color kitchen

Samples samples samples

During your kitchen design journey ask for samples of your finish color and sheen. Use them to help select your tile and other hardware, look at them in your home’s natural light, make your friends jealous (just kidding, but you will). If you’re unsure about how and where to add color stop by the JF showroom. We can give you advice, show you samples and share our knowledge to help your process.



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