Lighting for Function and Style

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Kitchen lighting performs double duty, the kitchen is a working area which requires good light. But it is also a gathering place that reflects a home’s sense of style. The conundrum is finding lighting fixtures that are both functional and stylish. Here are a few ideas of how to achieve brightness and beauty.

Pendant Lighting. Pendant lights provide an opportunity to light a high use area in a way that will work for eating, socialising and homework. They can also reflect your personal style and can be a great way to add some funky details to your kitchen. Pendant fixtures anchor an island or kitchen table and draw people into a space.

Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting       Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting haJewett Farms + Co. Lightings come a long way. No longer the clunky fluorescent with the on-off switch and visible power cord. Modern under cabinet lighting systems from companies such as Hafele are streamlined and sleek, they can be completely concealed and offer warm, bright light for all your counter work surfaces. The same smart technology can also be applied to toe kick lighting, which is another subtle way to light your space at night. Upper cabinets with glass doors also benefit from interior lighting, creating brightness in a typically shadowed area.



Interior Cabinet Lighting is a wonderful way to display glassware and pretty plates and bowls, especially in glass front cabinets. LED strip lighting is perfect for inside cabinetry, it takes up very little space, is totally hidden and makes everything inside the cabinet shine.

Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting       Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting

Drawer lights are pretty darn cool. Hafele has a great streamlined, motion detector light that pops on when you open your drawer. While this is good in a kitchen (think undetected midnight snacks) these lights are also incredibly functional for bedside tables and in bathroom vanities. They are powered by a rechargeable battery that plugs into a USB to power back up. Check them out in action in our Instagram video.

Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting       Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting

Get Creative. One of my favorite lighting solutions came about because the ceilings of the historic house we were working in were simply not tall enough to accommodate pendant lights over the island. JF’s Matthew Lord repurposed a reclaimed ceiling beam and wired recessed LED down-lights into the beam creating a beautiful custom light fixture that is truly unique.

Jewett Farms + Co. Lighting

In the JF Showroom, we worked with the talented folks at Lucia Lighting, after meeting us and looking over our plans Lucy and her team decided on a rustic modern aesthetic. Classic shapes, using unusual materials or materials in a different way. Simple designs but with a slightly industrial feel.

Jewett Farms + Co. LightingOur front display features a pendant that is made in the USA from raw steel through a forging process. It is a mashup of styles of rustic and industrial. The designer of this pendant got their inspiration from deconstructing a wooden bushel basket and reimagining it as steel slats. The scale is oversized but does not feel overwhelming. The natural iron finish is forged steel with a clear coat so none of the texture of the process is forgotten.


Jewett Farms + Co. LightingThese pendants, in the middle of the JF showroom are unexpected in texture. They are made out of ceramic material, designed to look like raw concrete. The shape defies gravity appearing heavier than they are. The strong shape is paired with a thin white cloth cord which gives creates a softness. The pendants are textured and painted by hand to give a rough and inherently unique appearance.



Jewett Farms + Co. LightingThese made in the USA bath sconces are shiny copper with a clear coat. The glass is prismatic holophane glass which gives an elegance of the copper against the industrial pristmatic glass. The overall design gives the feel of raw plumbing pipes but with an elegant spin.


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