Spotlight on Hickory

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Somewhere between sweet Maple blondes and dark Walnut brunettes falls the strong and handsome Hickory. While Maple and Walnut offer a cohesive look, Hickory is more of a wild card. With it’s contrasting colors and grain pattern Hickory imbues character to any space.

Hickory is one of the hardest woods on the planet. It is often used for baseball bats and golf clubs, which should tell you something about the amount of beating that it is capable of taking. It will have no problem withstanding the wear and tear of a busy household. It is much less likely to develop scratches and dents than other hardwoods such as maple and oak, although it is not invulnerable. If excessive force does create blemishes in the wood, it can be sanded down and refinished to remove them. -Occupy Theory

Durability + Character

The color variation in the planks ranges from dark brown to creamy white creating a lot of contrast in the floor. When paired with traditional cabinetry Hickory looks more rustic. But when contrasted against sleek, contemporary cabinets Hickory can look uniquely modern.


Incredible Density

Hickory can be tricky to install and can even damage tools. This wood is best left to the professionals. It’s also important to source your materials from a reputable company. If Hickory is not dried properly it is prone to warping. Kiln dried timbers are the best choice for planks that will not bend and twist.

New Hardwoods

JF Flooring options for Hickory include American grown new hardwood in both select and character grade options. Hickory provides a combination of strength and hardness that is rare to find in commercial wood. Hickory is known as the hardest, heaviest and strongest domestic (US) hardwood.hickory

reclaimed Hickory

Classic yet modern, it has a wonderful contrast of light and dark tones with a flowing grain pattern that can only be found in naturally aged, slow growth wood. Reclaimed Hickory is one of the strongest commercial hardwoods available and the reclaimed planks contain a delicate balance of sound cracks, wormholes, and knots. Our antique hickory boards are salvaged from barn beams and joists from the East and Midwest.


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