The Marriage of Scope and Budget

6 Min.

Once you have determined your kitchen style it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of your project – the scope, the budget, and the merging of the two!

The scope refers to the outline of the project – from a complete gut and remodel, to simply replacing the countertops and hardware, whatever needs to happen to complete the job is in the scope. The budget is how much you are willing and ready to pay for your project. The scope and budget are much like the chicken and the egg – figuring out which comes first is not easy.

Consider your scope. 

  • Are you working within the existing footprint?
  • Do you plan to open up any walls?
  • Will the range and sink remain in the same place?
  • Will you be adding doors or windows?
  • How old is your house?
  • Are your plumbing and electrical up to code?

Consider your budget.

  • What kind of appliances are on your wishlist? (Are we talking Cadillac or sensible Prius?)
  • Will you be able to live in the house during construction?
  • Is this spur of the moment or something you have been planning for?
  • How much money do you feel comfortable spending?

Marry the two. Once you have looked at all the options for both scope and budget and found a middle ground that is comfortable for you, it’s time to start nailing down the details and talking to the experts. The pros will be able to tell you if your scope will fit your budget and how to make the most out of it.

Look for a contractor who you trust and a kitchen designer and cabinetmaker that inspires you, both will be critical in ensuring that your project is completed with your vision (and you bank balance) intact. At Jewett Farms + Co. we work very carefully to accommodate every client’s budget, we give a budget range so that the design elements that are most valued remain and adjustments can be made in areas of less importance, these differ from person to person so having a designer who understands your priorities is key.

Beware of scope Creep. The best way to blow your budget is to make decisions and changes on the fly. Not only are you on the hook for potentially needing more materials, if you’re really late you may also have to cover extra design time and the domino effect that last minute changes can have can really add up. Take your time in the design phase, think things through and listen to your designer (they know what they’re talking about).

While the task of creating your perfect kitchen at a price you can live with may seem overwhelming, fear not! JF is a helping hand to guide you through the myriad of decisions so that your gorgeous space is created within your reasonable budget.


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