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The Boston design community is a wealth of talent. We were fortunate to work with Jessica Schwartz in 2018 on a beautiful project that was featured in Boston Home Magazine. For the JF blog, we pick Jess’s brain a little about her philosophy on kitchen design.

StantonSchwartz_FP3_3-21-2017_Jess_FinalJessica is a founder of Stanton Schwartz Design Group, an interior design firm operating out of the Boston’s Seaport District. Having spent her entire professional career in design, Jessica began in the exclusive world of fine jewelry. There, she worked with luxury diamond jewelry brands, specializing in product development and manufacturing. Refining her eye for detail and form, she now focuses on larger scale design and prides herself on creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. She has since worked on retail, commercial and residential projects. Jessica’s versatility as a designer allows her to make careful considerations appropriate for her clients, their budget, and their timeline through custom interiors and project management.

We asked Jessica about the importance of the kitchen itself, and how to ensure that the design creates a space that will be both well suited for the homeowner as well as a lasting investment for them.

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The Kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is one of the strongest decision makers for a home purchase. That’s because, by default, the kitchen is where you and your family end up spending most of your time. Whether it be entertaining or being entertained, the Kitchen is one of the most important places to be functional and also beautiful. You want to feel good about the space that you are in (and the money you have spent).

Kitchens need functionality. More than any other room in the house, the kitchen will need to support you in your day to day living. To create a personalized functional design requires knowledge, we ask questions; Do you like to cook? How big is your family? What are your storage needs? Then we (Jessica and her team at Stanton Schwartz) design around those factors– meaning thoughtful storage and great appliances. Proper Lighting and suitable work surfaces. All the while providing that with materials that will withstand the inevitable abuse that your kitchen will endure.

Quality, materials and great construction create a better product. I believe it’s important to budget for that investment because better products will wear better over time, creating longevity in not only the items in your kitchen but in the entire design. Budgeting for and designing around high-quality cabinetry, countertops, and appliances will not only give you the most joy while you spend time in your kitchen it will also provide the best return on your investment.

Learn more about Jessica and Stanton Schwartz Design Group www.stantonschwartz.com

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