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Jewett Farms + Co. are thrilled to announce the newest venture in our ongoing support of junior cycling. JF has teamed up with the Rasputitsa Spring Classic to create an Under 18 Gravel Team. This team will be participating in gravel and cyclocross events throughout New England this summer in hopes of encouraging a new generation to cycle those back roads we all love.

2Not familiar with Gravel Grinders? Let us enlighten you, and introduce you to your new favorite places to ride. Gravel grinders are gravel road races and rides that combine riding on surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, dirt, some singletrack trails, and maintenance or B roads. There are old worn roads, super-smooth hard-packed roads, freshly “graveled” sketchy roads, gravel roads that are barely roads, ones that feel like bricks were thrown into the middle of them, and if you’re riding the Rasputitsa, the deep snow, deep mud type of roads. The distance usually ranges between 50 and 150 miles but they can be even longer. They emphasize self-reliance and feature few amenities. Sounds perfect for junior cyclists – right?

Rasputitsa founders Anthony Moccia and Heidi Myers decided to create a gravel road race in the most untouched, remote section on Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom. It has grown to be one of the best Vermont Gravel Road Races attracting riders from over sixteen states and four provinces. Heidi and Anthony are true examples of the community that is bike riding. They are at the finish line shaking hands, they ride with their racers and constantly seek their input.


We watched with interest as Rasputitsa lowered its junior registration fee to a mere $10 for the 2017 race this Spring, and after completing the race with our own JF junior we decided that the challenge of gravel grinders was another great way to bring young cyclists into the sport. Gravel rides are tough, but also fun and beautiful. They bring cyclists off the main roads, away from the bulk of the traffic and onto the paths less traveled. They require grit and determination, but the payoffs are great.

The 2017 U18 Rasputitsa Gravel Team will be all style in their Rasputitsa team kits, helmets and shoes provided by Louis Garneau, they’ll be laser focused through their Julbo eyewear and they’ll be tackling the uphills and descents on Specialized Diverge gravel bicycles. The 2017 team consists of two young men and two young women who are ambassadors of their sport. All four of these young cyclists have been riding and racing bikes for many years and have pedaled thousands of miles. They are excited about this opportunity to explore new terrain and to share their love of cycling with other riders.

File Jun 22, 8 31 41 AMIn addition to the Rasputitsa Gravel Team, Jewett Farms + Co. also leads a youth mountain bike team all summer long. The Seacoast Velo Racing team, in partnership with JF and Seacoast Velokids, is back at it for the season with almost double the number of kids than we had last year. Our 27 riders train 2-3 times per week and race all over New England.

We coach, lead and organize these teams out of a love of the sport of cycling and a desire to give the youth in our community youth the opportunity to participate in healthy sports options that they will enjoy for their whole lives. Jewett Farms + Co. is committed to not only a healthy workplace but also to a healthy community.

Get More Info! Rasputitsa Gravel Instagram will get you psyched for gravel riding, or it will convince you that the whole thing is insane, either way, it’s pretty cool.  The Gravel team has some great rides on their schedule, check them out.

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