The Dogs of the JF Photo Shoot

3 Min.

File Jul 14, 9 23 19 AM

Photo shoot days are my favorite! Returning to a project after it has been lived with and utilized is incredible, primarily because of the excitement that our home owners have about how their space works.

Earlier this week we set off with photographer Eric Roth to capture two beautiful and completely different kitchens. There was one common theme in each house, a shining star of the furry variety. Sophie the English Cocker Spaniel and Rosie the black Lab really stole the show.

Soon we’ll have the professional images and two new JF stories on the website – but until then, enjoy a few pics of our canine models, with a little cabinetry in the background.

EC0C2B5A-CD24-4DE4-9B31-40B6B7C84B38   File Jul 14, 11 10 25 AM

52133DAE-3A4E-4E4B-8D7C-7912CC32CFA4   Photo Jul 13, 3 26 27 PM

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