Historic Renovation – it’s a journey

3 Min.

Designing and building a truly custom kitchen is a journey, we love getting to know our clients as we work together to create functional and beautiful spaces that they will enjoy for years to come. It’s really exciting when our clients are as passionate about the journey as we are.

Cue segue… Meet Kelly Rogers, Kelly is the owner of Kelly Rogers Interiors and author of the blog Interiors For Families. Kelly collaborated with JF designer Paula Accioly for the kitchen, bar and mudroom cabinetry, floors and countertops in the historic 1896 home she is renovating. Kelly is documenting her project on her blog and this week’s post is all about her visit to the JF shop and soapstone yard.

As a designer, Kelly is well versed in the processes of demolition, construction and, of course, design. But there’s always something special about working on your own home. Enjoy Kelly’s post, and check out the rest of her blog to watch as her home renovation journey progresses.

Interiors for Families  – the blog of Kelly Rogers Interior Design.



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