Truly Custom

5 Min.

The term ‘custom cabinetry’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it pays to be a savvy consumer because not all things custom are created equal. Here’s a quick look at what Truly Custom means to Jewett Farms + Co.

Every kitchen design is unique. At Jewett Farms + Co., we love what we do, we take pride in the unique skills sets that are required in each facet of our business. Our designers start each new project by getting to know the homeowner’s style and finding their dream kitchen aesthetic. There are no ‘lines’, our designers are not limited by someone else’s ideas of style. They bring their design experience to create fresh and innovative ideas that are carefully translated into functional working spaces. Our skilled craftsmen then bring those ideas to life in the cabinet shop.

Every homeowner has different kitchen needs. Getting to know our clients is the most important (and most fun) part of the design process. Learning what each person needs and wants from their kitchen space is what makes their design fit so perfectly into their lives. Is this a baker’s kitchen? Wine collectors? Or does this kitchen need to be caterer ready? How many pantry pull-outs? What kind of drawer inserts? Will this island be an entertaining space or a homework space? This blend of utility and style makes kitchen design specifically different from other interior spaces.

The options are endless, but not overwhelming. Being a truly custom cabinet shop means that nothing is off limits,  if it is possible within the parameters of physics, functions perfectly and looks beautiful – we can do it. However, we are not going to let our clients flounder in a mass of options. Our designers are able to wade through a myriad of inspiration images and draw out the elements that fit the design perfectly. Yep, they’re pretty smart.

Truly custom means – if you can dream it, we can build it, and our designers work with you to make sure your dream idea becomes your dream kitchen.



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