Unique Oak Flooring

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You may think you know Oak. It’s versatile, strong and rugged, a solid performer in the wide plank flooring realm. A favorite for colonial cabinetmakers and craftsmen, Oak has been a staple wood in American homes for generations. But Oak still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Check out these unique Oak flooring options.


Reclaimed Oak. The strength, durability, and availability of the massive oak trees that populated the early American forests made it the go-to timber for barn and granary construction.

reclaimed-oak-hit-skip-215x215Hit Skip. Want something truly rustic? Hit Skip refers to the planeing process where only the high spots are planed out of each plank, preserving the original character while still creating a flat board. Hit Skip antique Oak features a mix of saw marks, nail and worm holes, and sounds cracks in addition to the exposed original face. It’s a rustic and unique look.

reclaimed-oak-trophy-plank-215x215Trophy Plank. This one is a true original. Trophy Plank flooring incorporates a rich selection of rare hardwoods that blend tones and markings. In the mix are planks of Walnut, rare antique Cherry and Wormy Chestnut. Reclaimed Antique Trophy Plank Oak is traditional and unique.


Antique Oak. The prevalence of Oak in American forests means that antique Oak is also an option. Antique timbers refer to a tree that was either standing dead (having completed its life cycle) or had fallen in the forest. These virgin timbers are quite remarkable with old growth patterning and none of the wear of reclaimed wood.

old-growth-oak-mountain-white-215x215Circular Sawn. Rugged and rustic, this antique Oak flooring has its roots in the Allegheny and Appalachian forests. This virgin timber is run through an antique 60 inch saw blade to replicate the look of early milling. The result is an authentic and rustic surface.


old-growth-oak-wormy-red-215x215Wormy Red Oak. This wood gets its name from the tree’s inhabitants during its post growth period. After the tree has died or fallen small insects make their way into it and leave behind their tiny wormholes. These interesting little marks make for an authentically aged oak floor.


Finish with Flourish. Once you have chosen your unique hardwood it’s time to finish it. Standard issue polyurethane is not your only option – check out these interesting finish ideas.

captureRubio Monocoat. This Danish oil is sourced from plant oils and waxes, it contains 0% VOC and is completely free of ammonia, formaldehyde and any chemical residuals. One hand-applied coat of this oil both protects and hardens hardwood planks. It’s so simple it seems like a trick. The oil creates a subtle lustre and brings out the beauty of the grain. The JF showroom floor has been finished with Rubio Monocoat – it took a couple of hours and smelled like oranges.

capture1Bona Traffic. You may know Bona for their hardwood floor cleaning products – check out their finish options. Perfect for very high traffic areas, this water bourne urethane provides excellent resistance to wear and easy application and levelling properties for a smooth result. It is suitable for recoating already finished surfaces, it also promises a non-yellowing surface.

Not sure if you need engineered flooring? Check out our handy pictogram. And don’t fret, all these cool and unique Oak options can be milled in engineered planks.


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