JF Craftsmanship + Drawers

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Craftsmanship is our passion, it informs everything we do and every decision we make. Case in point, Jewett Farms + Co. drawers.

The build process at Jewett Farms + Co. is centred around utilizing the talents of our skilled craftsmen. Our cabinetmakers work through a project, from milling materials and building cabinets to making doors and drawers. There are no assembly lines at JF. Our drawers are custom made for each project by our cabinetmakers.

JF drawers are made from 1/2″ thick hardwoods. We typically offer Maple, Walnut or Butternut for our drawer interiors, but because they are not ‘stock drawers’ the possibilities are endless. JF uses our signature box joint in our drawer construction, this time-honored joinery is extremely durable and looks great.

Drawers offer an array of options within a kitchen design, they allow access to the back of deep lower cabinets, provide organization and create functional space. Whether you need a safe spot for chef’s knives, or a spot for the sport bottles of an active family, drawers can be customized to store the things that you use. Take a peek at some of our recent drawers, so many great ideas.

Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 015       Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 010

Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 014       Jewett Farms Hopkinton hi rez 020-2

Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 013       Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 012

Jewett Farms Sudbury hi rez 011       Jewett Farms Hopkinton hi rez 015



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