Unique + Awesome

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The best part about being a completely custom cabinet shop is that our work is only bound by the laws of physics and the principles of good design. We have the freedom to design creative and interesting spaces that meet the specific and unique needs and desires of our clients.

A kitchen has some pretty universal functional standards, there needs to be a fridge and a sink and some way of cooking food. But each home has different priorities and we love putting those first in our design process. Check out just a few of our recent unique + awesome design elements. From a sleek hidden device charging station to a sliding mixer platform with a pocket door to hide it. A monogrammed organization mail slot, a coffee station and a fully contained bar area to keep guests hydrated and out of your food prep.


Jewett Farms unique     Jewett Farms unique

Jewett Farms unique     Jewett Farms unique

Jewett Farms      Jewett Farms

Jewett Farms      Jewett Farms




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