The dogs of Jewett Farms and Liz Caan

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We are thrilled to partner with designer Liz Caan for the Bow Wow Blitz: a creative fundraising event where Boston’s best interior designers have teamed up with BDC showrooms to envision and create a dog’s dream bed, house, shelter, toy, or other canine adornments.  The creations will be donated to Second Chance Animal Services and showcased at the gala and silent auction at the Bow Wow Blitz. All auction proceeds from the evening will benefit Second Chance.

This event is close to the hearts of both Liz Caan and JF, what better way to explain why than in a Dog Blog! Introducing the dogs of Jewett Farms and Liz Caan.


Oscar and Olive are Samoyeds and the official mascots of Liz Caan & Co. Olive is almost 2 years old and Oscar is almost 4 years old. They love to snuggle, wrestle, ride in the jeep with the top down… lay in the snow for hours on end… and dig holes in the backyard. They love everyone, and the feeling is mutual!

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Bozeman is a Chocolate Labrador who resides in Maine where he is happiest in the woods or on the beach. Bozeman is still a puppy at almost 2 and loves to greet all the guests at the JF York Maine office by showing off his latest toy.


Riley is a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd and JF’s most popular sales-dog. Riley comes to work every day to either our cabinet shop in Maine or our showroom in Boston where he oversees the JF team and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

At Jewett Farms + Co. dogs have always been part of our community, way back in the 90’s when Matt and Mike started the company in a small cabinet shop in York, Maine, Matt’s Yellow Lab, Molly and Mike’s Samoyed, Duncan were their first full-time employees. The two dogs would roam the woods around the shop getting into all kinds of mud, stinkiness and trouble. Both pooches have since moved on to that big doghouse in the sky, but the shop-dog culture remains strong at JF.

Liz Caan has designed an exquisite offering for the Bow Wow Blitz and we are so excited to be part of it. Gala tickets are available and more information can be found  on the Boston Design Centre website. We look forward to the unveiling and to the fun gala event.

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