Details make all the difference

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The details are not the details, they make the design.

– Charles Eames

You never quite know what will inspire people on social media, sometimes it’s the photo of the vast and spacious kitchen, but sometimes, as happened recently, it’s a small detail that resonates with people. I posted a photo of a tall drawer, designed to fit water bottles and reusable coffee cups, simple but thoughtful. The immediate response to the post showed that this storage detail is clearly missing in most people’s kitchens, and got me thinking about the importance of all those details that are part of a truly custom kitchen design.

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Details that work don’t happen by accident. They are intentional and well planned and come about through communication between homeowner and designer. A collaborative designer will incorporate meaningful and functional details within the aesthetic the homeowner desires. These are elements that serve to make the kitchen work perfectly for the people who use it, whatever their priorities may be.

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Each kitchen we work on exists in a unique home that reflects different priorities. From family life organization to elbow room for competing chefs to ensuring the family pooch has their own area for meals and treats. The details that exist within those criteria also need to look beautiful and not overwhelm the space. Function and beauty need to be balanced along with the long-term outlook that these priorities may change as the family matures or the home changes hands.

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The best way to ensure that your kitchen is the perfect mix of form and function is to choose your kitchen designer wisely. Collaboration and listening are absolutely critical to blend your specific wants and needs into a seamless space that functions perfectly. And in case you were curious, JF designers are great at listening 🙂

Visit us in our showroom at the Boston Design Center. Email for more info or simply give us a call.

ps. Here’s the photo of the water bottle drawer, seriously – don’t you need this?

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