The Mudroom – the hardest working room in your house

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The mudroom is by far the hardest working room in any home, but especially here in New England where the seasons range from tracking in beach sand to autumn leaves to snow and of course spring mud. Functionality alone is not enough, the mudroom is often the home’s entry point and the first impression for guests. The mudroom also faces the challenge of existing in a small space so it requires smart and thoughtful design. How does one create a functional, beautiful, efficient mudroom? We have some pointers for you.


The first step in creating a functional mudroom is considering who will be using it. A family with small children will require more storage and lower coat hooks than a home with two adults. A home of skiers will be better served with tall cabinet storage, vented cubbies, and radiant underfloor heat. A truly custom design can be tailored specifically to your needs. lots of snow boots? How about a boot dryer? Surfing family? How great would a heated towel rail be? Creative thinking and innovative design can bring your mudroom to the next level.

Select materials wisely.

Every part of your mudroom needs to pull its weight. Floors must be hard wearing and ready to take in wet boots and gritty sneakers. Avoid soft hardwoods and make sure your finish is durable. Tile¬†flooring is a good option, particularly if you install underfloor heating. If you’re building cubbies make sure they have a durable paint finish, choose a wood type that will age well, like Oak or consider reclaimed planks that are already weathered.


Make space where you can.

Incorporating a mudroom space into a home design is a relatively modern concept. Historic homes may require a little more creativity in finding space that works. If you’re low on space think about utilizing other, less functional areas in your home to create a mudroom. A hall closet can be reconfigured with low cubbies for shoe racks, hooks for coats and an upper shelf for hats and mittens. Stairways can also be opened up and have functional storage units built into them. If you’re open to some construction then space can be borrowed from other rooms or even an attached garage. The benefit of a functional mudroom far outweighs the 3 feet of space you may miss in a guest bedroom.

Style and substance.

The design of a mudroom can follow the style of the rest of your home. Just because the room is a workhorse doesn’t mean it needs to be an eyesore. Cubbies and coat hooks may fit some homes better than others, consider your colors, sheens and hardware choices so that they merge with your home’s style. If you’d rather hide it all away then pocket or sliding doors can be a perfect solution and can create an aesthetic statement that fits your home’s decor.


Give the room a helping hand.

Even the most functional mudroom needs a little help to remain that way. Seasonal clear outs will keep your space working perfectly all year long.

Need some design guidance?

Give us a call or visit our design showrooms. Bring in a photo of your space, or your floor plans as well as a pic of your dream mudroom. Our designers will help create a mudroom that fits your lifestyle and design style while fitting seamlessly into your home’s footprint.

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