Farrow & Ball Paint

2 Min.

Some of our favorite paint colors come from the British paint company Farrow & Ball. Their simplified, stylish approach to choosing colors means you practically can’t go wrong. From subtle neutrals and muted pastels to lively accents and rich dark hues, each of Farrow & Ball’s 132 colors has been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully alone or as part of a scheme in homes both old and new.

In line with the Jewett Farms + C0. philosophy, Farrow & Ball paints have been water based since 2010. They are low VOC and come in recyclable paint cans.

Farrow & Ball began in 1946 in Dorset, England but have since grown into an international brand. You can visit their Boston location at the Boston Design Center. Stop by our showroom and we’ll take you there and introduce you. Also, take a look at their website for inspiration and color information.


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