Design plans checklist

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Design plans are the roadmap to your new space. They should be a wealth of knowledge and hold all the information you, or other design professionals could ask for. What should they include? Read on.

Start in 2D

The first set of design plans should include a reasonably detailed 2D floor plan. Printed up so that you can take them home, look over things and make any notes.

Move to 3D

Once the design has legs it’s time to get 3 dimensional. Great 3D design plans will give you a real sense of how your space flows and how you will move around within it.The drawings should include color, be full of texture and depth. Your designer can walk you through them so that they are easy to understand and help you visualize the space.

Plans change, budget changes.

It seems straightforward, but this step is often overlooked. Make sure if you see changes in your plans that those are reflected in your budget. This way you will be informed and aware throughout the design process and avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Final Set

When the design is completely buttoned up, and about to be sent to the cabinetmaker, ask for your own set of final plans, as well as a final contract that explains all the details and items included. This will be a reference that you can always go back to if you (or your friends) have any questions about how the cabinetry was made, your exact materials and colors. Your final plans should include:

Final elevation views from multiple angles

Colors and textures in the drawings that mimic you material choices

Interior cabinetry details – shelves, drawers, pull-outs etc.

Toe-kick, molding and edge details.

Paint colors and wood finishes.

Before you start your project

Interview your kitchen designer. Ask what kind of plans you can expect and what level of detail they will include. If you would like to check out some of the plans that the JF designers create for our clients come and visit us! We can go over the process, details and kinds of drawings you should expect during your kitchen project. Visit Pam and Paula in the Boston Design Center showroom, and stay tuned – new showrooms coming soon!


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