Green Works at Jewett Farms – in our words and theirs

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The past few years have seen a significant rise in green building practices, and this year going green  has finally started to become more mainstream. Since our inception, we at Jewett Farms & Co have been thinking about how we impact the world around us.  We pride ourselves on timeless design that never goes out of style, maintaining and re-inventing a craft of skilled artisans and cabinetmakers who create some of the best quality cabinetry and furniture pieces, refining the range of services we offer to remain focused on our clients.  This philosophy guides us in every aspect of our business and naturally positions us to be a business built on green practices – even before being “green” hit “main street.”  These principles allow our customers to be a part of the design and creation of a product that will not need to be replaced because the style has become outdated or because the cabinetry/furniture wore out due to inferior materials or construction

The cabinetry or furniture lasts a lifetime.  All we have to do is look at the historic homes of New England to understand that quality, in every sense of the word, is green.

At Jewett Farms & Co we believe that a green business should focus on all aspects of running a business.  And for us that means focusing on the acquisition of raw materials and supplies, on the efficient use of materials and resources, on the health and safety of craftsmen and clients, on the energy used to process and transport raw materials and finished goods, and on the reduction and/or elimination of polluting waste.   At Jewett Farms & Co., we’ve examined every aspect of our business in order to fully understand our impact on the community. Our initial focus was on our raw materials: the sustainable forestry practices of our wood suppliers is extremely important to us. The energy used to harvest and process the raw wood is also of concern, as well as the fuel consumption of transportation—thus, we are partial to the use of materials that are native to New England. In addition, the use of native materials supports our local economy, which helps keeps our friends and neighbors in business.

The health and safety of our clients and employees has always been a serious concern of ours and because of this, we have embraced green solutions as they have become available and perfected – such as formaldehyde-free plywood and sheet stock which eliminates harmful off-gassing in our client’s homes.  In addition, our finishing shop uses only water-based products, with a threefold benefit: our employees are safe from harmful fumes during finishing; our clients are protected from off-gassing in their homes; and the need for hazardous waste removal and disposal is eliminated, preventing further harm to the environment.

We continually examine the use and disposal of our shop and office waste—optimizing our cuts and milling practices so we minimize unusable waste,  re-using scraps and cutoffs by creating new or complimentary products like cutting boards and spice rack pullouts, and bagging our sawdust for local farmers to be used for animal bedding. In addition to recycling typical office waste like glass, paper, cardboard and plastic items, we have streamlined our filing systems to use as little paper as possible. Digital files, e-faxes and electronic invoices are all part of our daily routine, minimizing the contents of our filing cabinets. And since we make a living on paying attention to details, we keep an eye on the little things such as turning lights off when not needed and maintaining a facility that is well insulated and efficient to heat.

While we pride ourselves on our mastery of traditional cabinetmaking, we do so with every effort to maintain our environment for future generations. As a local New England company, we are conscious of the legacy we leave behind and indebted to the community we live in.

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