Connecting Two Worlds, Creating One Home

8 Min.

In the early Fall our clients wandered into our Newburyport Studio to explore what Jewett Farms & Co. is all about – they had spotted us while visiting a neighbor business. As a result of that very first meeting, a thoughtful, detailed, and specific plan began to unfold for their new kitchen – they had clearly and carefully given the project a lot of thought. A big piece of the decision to select Jewett Farms & Co. from the first meeting was the feeling they had upon meeting the partners of the company – they sensed a connection, they trusted what they heard and saw. Experiencing our work “live” in the Studio was also very important in their decision making process.

Their home is situated in a charming, well manicured, and cozy neighborhood in Amesbury, Massachusetts. It was clear from the beginning that they had spent much time and thought on the interiors of their home. Given their family history, they have brought with them a very European, elegant, minimalist, and highly crafted sense of aesthetics and wanted to make the kitchen part of the whole having already beautifully decorated the living rooms & dining room on the first floor.

In the beginning, our clients considered simply changing the countertops in the kitchen but soon realized that if they were going to make changes, they wanted to make changes of the highest quality and hence began plans to completely renovate the kitchen – that is where JF&Co. came in. They had some general starting points for the project. First, the design and craft of the cabinetry had to match the standards they had applied to the other rooms’ furnishings. Second, the kitchen needed to be designed in a much more functional way – accommodate height requirements, improve upon storage options, make use of all corners, and create a place for the appliances and other hardware amenities they wished to include. Third, they hoped to add a “message center” and a new pantry cabinet.

The design phase of the project was particularly important and rewarding. JF&Co.’s lead designer Matt Lord helped to guide the client towards cherry as the material of choice to begin to create a sense of continuum with the other rooms on the same floor. Matt also went an extra mile by assisting the clients with their appliances selection and being on hand the day they explored their options at State Street Discount Appliances (our partners just North in Portsmouth, NH) – Matt was able to raise questions about functional options they had not considered. On a more sensitive note, Matt was able to point out that perhaps the client was trying to include too much in the space available to them – his advice was appreciated and taken to heart. On the other hand, JF&Co. was particularly grateful for the clients’ recommendation to enhance its marketing efforts to avoid being “the best kept secret.” As always, JF&Co. worked as members of a team which on this project included Johnny Hawkes of Hawkes Builders – this collaboration became especially important on the install end of the project.

As always, we asked our clients if they have any advice for anyone exploring a project like theirs and they suggested doing full due diligence on line and in person; consider the season when planning the project timeline; and plan to visit the JF&Co. cabinet shop in York, Maine – it is approachable, located conveniently, and the informational tour provided by Matt or Mike Myers only enhances the client’s understanding and appreciation of the company’s sustained and very highest level of craftsmanship. And, it is just fun to see one’s kitchen actually being built!

When asked if their experience met or fell short of their expectations, our clients replied

“We started with high expectations and they were met.”