Don Reed – Extreme Impressionism – Exhibiting at Jewett Farms & Co

3 Min.

don reed extreme impressionism

“Paint enough for the eye to see and let the creative mind fill in the details. – Don Reed

This is the approach Don Reed takes to his style of painting which he has developed over the past several years. Trained as a traditional artist and having experience in most mediums over the last 40 years, Don now works exclusively in oils. His approach to painting focuses on eliminating detail through the use of single bold strokes of color that are incorporated into strong compositions.

“I have finally arrived at a place where I can truly express, through my art, my love of landscape, my wonder of form and my fascination with creating the illusion of light. I am constantly amazed with each completed piece and gratified by its affect on the viewer. My work has become a journey that I take with each painting, a journey that does not end when the work is displayed for the first time but continues with each new viewer.”

For additional information please visit: www.fineartbydonreed.com

Exhibiting at Jewett Farms & Co in downtown Newburyport, MA – 58 Merrimac Street, Newburyport, MA 01950