Embracing Sustainable Design Practices

2 Min.

We just received an e-newsletter from our friends at Whitten Architects in Portland, Maine and couldn’t agree more.

Whitten Architects is looking forward to what 2011 will bring. We have several new projects in the early stages of design and we are also excited to see a few projects nearing completion of construction.

Some of the latest work in the studio can be seen on our website in the ‘In the Works’ section.

Did you know that the average size of a new American home actually shrank in 2009? This ended a trend in growth that lasted for almost 30 years. Americans are now embracing more sustainable design practices. We’ve witnessed the change firsthand. While our new homeowners always want a home that is well planned, looks great, and meets their programmatic needs; they also want it to be smaller, more energy efficient and durable.

Tailoring a site-specific, smaller home design, to each new homeowners lifestyle is a fun and rewarding challenge. We welcome more design opportunities in 2011.