What the heck is a whiskey stone?

3 Min.


The days are getting warmer, the humidity is rising… once again the eternal question emerges…How do we keep our drinks chilled without turning them into a watery version of what was once a tasty beverage.

Have no fear my friends – we have the answer and it is soapstone.

Our soapstone whisky rocks will chill your drink. That’s all – no altering, no tainting, and absolutely no diluting. Soapstone has some pretty outstanding thermo-dynamic properties, it holds heat and it holds cold. By freezing soapstone whisky rocks they become a prefect, melt-less ice cube ready to chill any summer drink from single malt to prosecco.

Not only are these clever little rocks functional they are also very stylish and a great conversation piece. Check out the JF Workshop for our whisky stones – they come boxed in a set of 9 rocks with a 100% cotton storage bag.

Why are we selling rocks? Learn more about our 50+50 Off Cuts Initiative.