Jewett Farms + Co Wooducation: Reclaimed Wood Flooring V. Old Growth Wood Flooring

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Reclaimed wood has found it’s way into popular culture. No longer a mystery, the re-purposing of old and dilapidated barns and factories has become a booming business and the product that comes out is spectacular. The reclaimed hardwood flooring we sell is functional yet unique and we love being able to offer this sustainable option.

It’s not the only option however! Have you heard of Old Growth hardwood flooring? If not – you’re not alone! The difference between reclaimed and old growth wood flooring is a question we are commonly asked. Looks like it’s time for JF Wooducation.

 Where does it come from?

Reclaimed wood is sourced from wooden structures that have fallen into disuse. From century old barns and stables to industrial revolution era factories and mills.

Old Growth Wood comes directly from the forest. Timbers are harvested from ancient trees that have come to the end of their life and are standing dead, or trees that have fallen to the forest floor. Some of these timbers come from trees that could be up to 400 years old, our wood flooring partner Olde Wood Ltd sends scouts into the forests to find these very special trees.

Are they environmentally sustainable flooring options?

Reclaimed Wood is an extremely green flooring option, re-purposing this resource not only give it a new life, it also saves it from becoming landfill.

Old Growth Wood is another environmentally responsible option. The trees used for Old Growth wood flooring have lived a long life and have fulfilled their role in the forest ecosystem. By removing the standing and fallen dead trees room is made for young growth, assisting the regeneration of the forest.

What are the characteristics?

Reclaimed Wood has a distinct look – the history of the wood is present in the floor boards, with nail holes and saw marks. Depending on the species selected, and the role the wood once played – the amount of character marks will differ.

Old Growth Wood has an extremely tight grain only found in virgin timbers. It shows all the variation of a reclaimed board, but none of the man made markings.

To see the wide range of Old Growth and Reclaimed Flooring options available check out our flooring gallery. If you have any questions about any of our Old Growth or Reclaimed hardwoods, or if you’d like to explore our  new wood options call or email us! We love to chat wood! (603) 516-1620 info@jewettfarms.com