What's New at Jewett Farms Studio in Newburyport?

3 Min.

photo 3

Blue tape and the smell of fresh paint – it’s renovation time at the Jewett Farms Newburyport Studio!

We love our Massachusetts showroom, we love the town of Newburyport and the view out to the bridge and the water. Now after 5 years the studio is getting a bit of a make over.

Our cherry display is receiving a hand painted finish, both cabinetry pieces in the front of the studio have been removed and space has been created for our awesome reclaimed wood flooring samples. A brand new paint color is up on the backsplash wall behind our working kitchen and, soon to come, a very interesting new display piece. Can’t let out too much info out yet, but this is a whole new idea from Jewett Farms!

Swing back into our Newburyport studio and check out the changes – it may just get the wheels of inspiration rolling…

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