Jewett Farms + Co. Photo Shoot Day

5 Min.

Jewett Farms Photo Shoot

Photo shoot days are pretty exciting!

Justen Peters (photographer and graphic designer from 50 Fish) and I had our work cut out for us on Wednesday, 3 houses with 3 very different kitchens – in one day! But with an early start, some hard work and by snacking on the props instead of stopping for lunch… we got it done and the results are going to be awesome!

First shoot was in Newburyport, MA at the Asmussen residence – a wonderful pumpkin orange house in the heart of downtown Newburyport. Owners Kyle and Pat and their very ancient dog Merilee were all in attendance. The sun streamed in the windows and we were treated to a gorgeous view of their backyard pool area, as well as some spirited discussion on the upcoming America’s Cup final race (which was a lot more exciting before the kiwis lost).

Then we were on to Beverly, MA and the White residence, the lovely Lauren and her sweet and mischievous kittens greeted us at their pristine kitchen. Best quote of the day happened here when Lauren looked at the image Justen had just snapped and said “That’s my kitchen? I’m going to look at your website quite differently now – here I was thinking they were all enormous mansions”. Lesson here: Good design trumps square footage every time!

Then, without a moment to lose we were off again, heading to the ocean at Manchester By The Sea. This kitchen is a departure from any standard design – with curved cabinetry (including drawers!), a large chimney to work around and some pretty severe historical restrictions. The house itself is a Manchester landmark with gorgeous gardens and a wonderful view through the apple orchard to the ocean.

I am so excited to get all the new photos back from editing! Stories are underway and will be on our website very soon. Keep an eye out!

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