Jewett Farms Kitchen Design – thinking outside the triangle

3 Min.


The traditional thinking in kitchen design has been triangular. Fridge, range and sink within 4-9′ of each other forming the kitchen triangle. This design makes sense in a small, closed off kitchen where only one person is doing the prep, cooking and clean up – but that scenario is pretty out-dated now. Kitchens are more open, appliances are more plentiful and food preparation is a family affair.

The ability to design not only to the square footage available but also to the type of cooking that will happen is key to creating a functional space. When we work with clients our designers spend a long time discussing how the kitchen will be used, what makes the most sense for the space and for the people living in it. Design then flows from there, sometimes it’s triangular, sometimes it’s based on work zones – a concept explained well in this Houzz Blog. Sometimes it’s working around a large brick fireplace in the middle of the room! (actually happened  – photos coming soon in new Stories).

Don’t get stuck in the triangle – break free and make your kitchen function exactly as you want it to.