Jewett Farms Flooring – Antique Floors Returned to Historic Home

3 Min.


We’re lucky enough to see the end result of most of the work we do – the cabinetry in place, the soapstone counter tops looking great. With flooring however it’s not uncommon for us to ship the wood halfway across the country and never see the installed floor.

That’s why it’s so exciting for us when we receive photos and updates on projects we have been a part of. Like this:

“Hi Jewett Farms + Co.

Just wanted to let you know that the maple flooring you sent to Albuquerque, New Mexico, was absolutely spectacular. It couldn’t have been more beautiful or perfect. It’s in a loft in Albuquerque’s first high school, built in 1914. Attached are a few photos of the finished floor.

You were a delight to work with. Thanks so very much!”

Pretty great we think! And the floor looks fantastic – check it out.

floor2    floor 3