Jewett Farms + Co. New Year – New Team Members!

6 Min.

RARMAccording to the Urban Dictionary – the name Renee has a pretty neat definition; “The greatest person you will ever meet. The term means “rebirth” or “renaissance” who wouldn’t love that?” With that ringing endorsement in mind (Thank you Urban Dictionary) we would like to introduce the two newest Jewett Farms + Co. team members: Renée Mitchell and Renee Albano. Yep, we had a Renee hiring spree!

Originally from New York, Renée Mitchell moved to the area 20 years ago and  loves coastal New England.  Renée feels at home by the ocean, having settled in Manchester-by-the-sea, MA with her husband and two teenage children.  With a varied career history in areas from Fashion to Education to Interior Design, Renée decided that design was the niche she fit best in and has been creating beautiful environments for the past 10 years. Renée steps into JF as our Newburyport Studio Manager, she’s quickly learning the ropes -along with all the variations of flooring types, soapstone species and cabinetry details!

“I love the dedication to the art and the eco-conscious philosophy here at Jewett Farms”, Renée remarks when asked why she wanted to pursue a career with us.  “We create beautiful products and maintain a high standard in how we make them.  It’s important to me that I not only love what I’m doing, but feel good about the impact I’m having on the environment.  But more than anything, it was the people at Jewett Farms that attracted me here, everyone is great to work with and has a ‘family first’ perspective on all aspects of getting the job done.”  When not in the Newburyport showroom, Renée can found spending time with her family enjoying the outdoors either on the ski slopes, sailing on the water, in her garden or out exploring Cape Ann on her bike.

Renee Albano is taking the Boston scene by storm and bringing JF into the minds and jobs of the best Boston construction firms and designers. Much like Renée  Mitchell, what first attracted Renee Albano to Jewett Farms was our team. The enthusiasm and passion we share for what we do inspired her and JF felt like the perfect fit.  Renee came to Jewett Farms with a background in both the business development and design side of the building industry.  This connection has made her transition to Jewett Farms a breeze. Renee Albano and her family, including three teenage children as well as a golden retriever, live in Beverly MA. Renee loves the area, especially the ocean and makes it to the beach whenever she gets a chance.

Both Renée and Renee fit beautifully into the JF culture, they are passionate about quality and craftsmanship, and are energetic and active (I spy a new recruit or two for the JF Racing Team!). We are so excited to have them as part of our growing team, swing by the JF Newburyport Studio to say hi to “The greatest person (people) you’ll ever meet”