Jewett Farms + Co. New Year – New Cabinetry Line

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We are excited to introduce a new line of cabinetry for 2014! Mode Cabinetry puts together a rare and beautiful combination of a sleek, modern European feel and the craftsmanship of Jewett Farms + Co. Cabinetry.

The idea for Mode has been bubbling away in Matt Lord’s brain for a while now. As JF began to work more frequently in downtown Boston Matt noticed a gap in the contemporary kitchen market. There were modern designs with substandard materials and construction methods, or traditional designs built well. Why not a modern design that utilized superior materials and great craftsmanship? And thus Mode Cabinetry by Jewett Farms + Co. was born.

Mode is our take on a European, modern design aesthetic. Elements of contemporary design such as flat panels, modular construction and a minimalist feel are brought into play and combined with the high standards of JF craftsmanship. Unlike so many modern cabinets Mode design utilizes five piece doors, high quality European concealed hardware and in-house construction of solid wood drawers with signature JF box joints.

Finish options for mode are equally contemporary with either a smooth spray painted finish, a natural dark walnut finish – or a combination of the two which can add very modern visual interest to a kitchen. All of the accessories available in a custom JF kitchen are also available for Mode, from spice pull outs to full pantry and corner cabinet pull outs. These functional options are sleekly incorporated into the contemporary design.

We have a Mode Cabinetry display installed at our Newburyport showroom, swing by and check it out. We love the look and are excited to add another range of choices to the Jewett Farms + Co. lineup.