JF Customer Reviews – Collaboration in kitchen design

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JF Customer Reviews - Collaborative Kitchen Design

Relationship: Homeowners who worked with JF to remodel their existing kitchen

When we purchased our new home in mid 2011, we knew early on that we’d want to redo the existing kitchen, and that it would be the largest and most impactful project we’d undertake. The kitchen, and cooking, and entertaining have always been a focal point in our home and in our lives. In our new home we finally had the opportunity to bring this all together in one space, provided we had the right partner for the project. Jewett Farms came to our attention through our general contractor (a trusted resource from previous projects), and from our first meeting it was clear we’d made the right choice.

We both came to the project with some strong impressions of what we wanted, but also a lot of questions about how best to use the available space. Paramount to the re-design was a kitchen which would be as timeless in its design, as it was functional for two active cooks sharing the space with company. The team at Jewett Farms were great discussion partners in this process, and saw us through countless design revisions (a few major ones right up to the end), always with patience and a focus towards delivering against our vision.

As to the final execution, suffice to say their cabinets are gorgeous (see ‘Life, Love and Food’ on their website and Houzz). Not only are they finely crafted based on aesthetic details throughout (tight seams, uniform reveals, etc.), but they are rock solid in their construction (every piece built ‘furniture-grade’ as if it would stand on its own). The few times when we’ve needed their support after the fact (tuning a drawer, touching up paint, etc.), they’ve been as quick and as happy to help as they were when the project started.

As to what’s next? We are already talking with them about helping us with a redesign of our home office

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