Boston Magazine Design Home Cabinetry Sneak Peak

5 Min.

oston Magazine Design Home Cabinetry Sneak Peak

The 2014 Boston Magazine Design Home kitchen cabinetry is complete. The Walnut cabinets are ready and waiting for delivery and installation into the Treat family kitchen where they will provide a beautiful and functional space for the family to use for many years.

From the milling of raw materials to the final finish, every aspect of the cabinetry was done by Jewett Farms + Co. craftsmen, a team of two worked on the Treat kitchen from beginning to end. The first step for the two craftsmen was to mill the raw materials, from this they built the cabinet boxes, doors, drawers and drawer fronts. Once all these pieces were cut, built up and sanded the team did a complete dry fit, putting the entire kitchen together to ensure a perfect fit. From there the cabinets went into finish where they received three coats of a clear water borne urethane finish, with each and every piece sanded between coats. After the final finish had been applied the cabinetmaking team went back to work re-assembling the cabinets, drawers and doors for their final fit.

JF cabinetmakers know each kitchen they create inside and out, they take great pride in their work and it shows! We are so excited to see the Boston Magazine Design Home come together as the cabinets leave our shop and make their way to the Design Home!

This Fall the 2014 Boston Magazine Design Home will open its door for four weeks of public home tours and 100% of ticket sales will benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

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