From Falling Down Barn to New Hardwood Floor – the Story of Reclaimed Wood.

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Reclaimed © Alisbalb | Dreamstime.com - Old Wooden Barn In Farm Photo

If a reclaimed floor could talk just imagine the stories it would tell…

Passing through rural farm country in the US you can’t miss those great old barns scattered through the fields. Overgrown with weeds, no longer doing their once vital job, these noble structures sit and wait their eventual return to the earth. But some begin a new history in a brand new place as reclaimed hardwood timbers.

At Jewett Farms + Co. we love reclaimed lumber – the unique character of each board paired with the sustainability of re-using wood that would be wasted is a match made in JF heaven. We work closely with our partners at Olde Wood ltd. to offer a huge range of reclaimed wide plank hardwoods from Walnut to Heart Pine – worm holes and all!

Creating new and beautiful timbers from dilapidated structures can be challenging – just finding the buildings is half the battle! Fortunately Olde Wood loves timber as much as we do and their team of craftsmen are trained to see the intrinsic beauty in vintage structures that have outlived their usefulness. Their team travels the country seeking out wooden buildings that are no longer used or are scheduled for demolition, then they get to work removing all salvageable siding, flooring and beams.

Once the structure has been carefully dismantled the lumber is brought back to the Olde Wood facility where it is graded, de-nailed and separated. The timbers are then warehoused and stored until an order is placed. Once needed the lumber needed is kiln dried (6-8%), checked for defects and manufactured into gorgeous hardwood planks. Olde Wood processes the timber in this manner to maximize efficient use of this limited material and  to ensure consistency and quality in each custom order. This way they can virtually eliminate any moisture or stability issues and enable custom runs to exact specifications.

Reclaimed wood is not only for floors, the warmth and patina of the wood lend themselves beautifully to furniture pieces, islands and tables. We have designed and created many pieces using reclaimed timbers. The appeal of reclaimed wood is both aesthetic and ideological, antique timbers fit seamlessly in historic homes and make a sustainability statement in new builds.

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Reclaimed Wood from Jewett Farms + Co.   Reclaimed Wood from Jewett Farms + Co.   Reclaimed Wood from Jewett Farms + Co.