I Think we're Gonna Like It Here. JF @ BDC

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Canteen at the Innovation and Design Building in Boston BDC

If you want to draw a crowd from Jewett Farms + Co. A gigantic FOOD sign is a pretty good start.

Giant food sign at Canteen IDB BDC






After inspecting progress on our new BDC showroom and meeting with several key folks in our office away from home, the Designers Lounge, our growling stomachs indicated it was time for lunch. Having done a little poking around on the Innovation and Design Building website I was intrigued by the ID Canteen so we exited the Design Center and took the short walk to the IDB.

Canteen certainly lives up to the buildings innovation namesake! The idea is smart and simple, create a space where people can eat and food trucks can park. That’s right – food trucks. Canteen is a constantly rotating supply of food trucks that pull up to the back of the space, park and serve the hungry designers, makers, and innovators from the BDC, IDB and Seaport buildings. There are typically 1-2 trucks serving food, favorites return, new trucks make their names.

Food trucks at Canteen IDB Boston BDC     Canteen at the IDB Boston BDC

So often the trouble with a food truck is having nowhere to eat your lunch – the ID Building has fixed that with ample seating and a cool environment. Canteen is a large spare space furnished with bright red metal tables and silver chairs, concrete walls and floors are made fun with strings of lights covering the ceiling, and of course the large Food sign in lights. An industrial plastic strip curtain keeps the cold winter air out, even on a freezing March day the dining area was comfortable – the open concept actually made the room feel summery. Or perhaps that was the Cornhole playing area! This space truly captures the feel of industrial chic – and it’s pretty darn tasty too!

canteen at IDB Boston BDC     Cornhole at canteen IDB Boston BDC