Boston Design Week 2015 JF@BDC

4 Min.


“Unless you are standing out in the middle of nature, everything around you is consciously designed: from the clothes you wear, to the phone you carry, to your home, workplace and beyond. Good design has the power to touch us, to lift us up, to make our lives better, and impart a profound sense of well-being – bad design can have the opposite effect”.

– By Tony Fusco, Co-Producer, Boston Design Week

Boston Design Week is back and even more innovative and creative than last year! The Boston design community is putting on over 80 events this week, inviting the public to explore architecture, environmental and landscape design, urban design, interior design, fashion, graphic design and photography, product and industrial design, and studio design such as furniture, decorative arts, sculpture, textiles, jewelry and more.

You can also join the JF folks at Boston Magazine’s event on Wednesday 3/25 at the  Boston Design Center. A panel discussion “To Renovate or Not to Renovate” will be preceded by hors d’oeuvres and followed by more food and drinks and time to socialize – just our kind of event! Jewett Farms + Co’s own Olivia Lord will be one of the panelists – firmly arguing for the “To Renovate” side! Join us – RSVP here.

Events are going on all over the city – from public television studios to art galleries, it may be frigid, but bundle up and celebrate spring with inspiring design and fresh ideas. Plan your week here Boston Design Week Guide Book