Soapstone Sinks

4 Min.



Soapstone sinks are a part of history. From chemistry labs to laundry rooms, these beauties are the workhorses of the sink world and for good reason! Soapstone is naturally non-porous, resistant to bacteria and stains. It’s everything you want in a kitchen sink – and it looks good too.

There are two main categories of soapstone sinks, assembled or built sinks, and solid block carved sinks. An assembled sink is made from five pieces of stone, cut from a slab. A solid block sink is carved out of a single block of soapstone. Choosing between them comes down to two things; complexity of the sink design and budget.


An assembled sink is perfect for a simple apron front farm sink. Square cuts and consistent thickness give these sinks a stylish look. An assembled sink can be custom made to fit any sized sink base, they are typically  made in a farm sink style and require a sink base cabinet that will support the weight of the sink (often around 200 lb!).

Solid block sinks can be carved to almost any design; curved or bowed front, round bowls – there is almost no limit to the design (can you say – puzzle piece shaped sink?). There are no seams in a sold block sink which makes it easier to clean and maintain and gives the sink a truly custom look.

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