Fine Woodworking = Math + Art

4 Min.

BDC - Modified Inset Display

Preparations for the move into our new Boston Design Center showroom have been ongoing for some time now. Designs have been deliberated over and careful construction has begun! One of the more intricate display pieces caught my eye the other day – and I thought it might be a neat process to show.

The final piece will look like the sketch above – but behind the sleek look of those inlay pieces is a combination of math, art and craftsmanship.

It starts with a sketch, which is labeled and measured. Then each piece is cut – like a deceptively complicated jigsaw puzzle.

IMG_4255     IMG_4251


Once the pieces are cut, each one needs to be hand sanded and assembled.

IMG_4254     IMG_0085

The finished panel is sanded again – and then the process is repeated! There are no short cuts here, but once all the panels have been completed and set into the cabinet – it’ll all be worth it!