JF and Team Trevor.

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If you have visited the JF Workshop, our online store, you may have noticed our Off Cuts Initiative. It’s a blend of creativity, conservation and altruism designed to reduce waste and provide a valuable contribution to our community and our environment. All the products in our workshop are made from materials that would traditionally be thrown away. Hardwoods cut from our cabinetry and furniture pieces, premium soapstone left from sink cutouts or countertop remainders.

50% of profits from our Off Cuts Initiative are donated to Team Trevor, a local Maine non-profit whose grassroots fundraising efforts have contributed over 1 million dollars to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Team Trevor’s mission was created in 1999, when Trevor was diagnosed with CF at five months old. Trevor’s future resides in the hands of researchers and research doesn’t come cheap. Twenty years ago there was ample research money and very little technology. Today the inverse is true; ample technology exists but it is expensive. Team Trevor was born out of love for Trevor with the goal of raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to fund research—research that will change the future for people living with CF.

Fosters Daily Democrat recently ran a story about Trevor, his wonderful family and the challenges he faces every day living with CF. It’s worth a read, and for us it was a great reminder as to why we do what we do to help Team Trevor in our own small way.

In addition to the JF Workshop’s Off Cuts Initiative, Jewett Farms + Co. folks have been involved with Team Trevor for the past 5 years using our athletic endeavors as a way to give a little back to Team Trevor. Matt and Olivia Lord have been part of the wild adventure that is EpicMan, organizing group bike rides from Portland to Portsmouth and raising money for TT. In 2013 Olivia did the full EpicMan – she ran the Boston Marathon, after kayaking 2.4 miles and then cycling 160 miles from Portland ME to Hopkinton MA (through the night!) and raised over $3k for Team Trevor. Olivia also participated in the 2014 100 mile Seacoast Safari Ride again raising money for CF research. As a company we are so proud to be a part of Team Trevor and we will continue to do our part until a cure is found.

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