Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 – a JF Review

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Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review

One of my favorite parts about starting a new year are the lists and stats that start populating the webisphere as the old year closes out. Most downloaded apps, best new fiction, best viral images that were totally fake…  I Cant get enough of it! So of course when I came across Houzz’s Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 I had to check it out.

While no JF pics made the list (sad face Houzz) I found, as I read through, that almost all of the on point trends were design elements that Jewett Farms + Co. kitchens are already very familiar with – JF designers are clearly ahead of the curve (but we already knew that). So I thought a comparison would be fun. Here it is; Houzz’s Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 – a JF interpretation!

Kitchens that are part of an open plan. Starting off with a bang, and a favorite JF design. This large NH kitchen opens right into the living area so the colors and style of both rooms needed to complement one another. Grey hues anchored both spaces and that gorgeous reclaimed Hickory brought everything together.

Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review

CoHouzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Reviewntrasting islands… Breaking the reign of the all white kitchen, an island in a contrasting color or material is a great way to bring some visual interest to a space. ..Or cabinets. Houzz saw a love of white upper cabinets combined with lower cabinets painted in a different color. This JF kitchen incorporates all these elements with white and walnut cabinetry and a dark stained island.

Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review


Colorful appliances. We saw less brightly colored appliances, but we certainly saw some lovely ones! Check out this La Corneau range (*sigh*). If you’re concerned about a throwback Houzz says “For those who remember kitchens of the 1970s, don’t worry — I doubt we’ll be seeing avocado green or harvest gold again anytime soon”.

Cabinetry that feels like free-standing furniture. Creating cabinetry with a furniture feel has been the JF way since the very beginning. Our cabinets are built as pieces of furniture, not boxes to be stacked next to each other. You’ll see this in every JF photo – but this one in particular shows each piece with a slightly different base – creating that ‘furniture feel’ for each piece.

Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review

Cozy breakHouzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Reviewfast nooks and banquette seating. One of our most liked Instagram posts featured this wonderful breakfast nook. The table, designed and built by JF, has the feeling of a summer picnic table and the banquette seating provides extra storage space.


Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF ReviewShaker style. The stylish simplicity of Shaker design is timeless, I think we’ll be seeing this “trend” in every best of list for generations! As Houzz says; “The simplicity of Shaker cabinet fronts works in just about every style of kitchen, from traditional to contemporary”. This particular image brings in another Houzz Best – Walk-in pantries. Storage is king and having a space for all those small appliances and tall cereal boxes allows counter space and cabinets to be clutter free.


A modern-rustic mix. I love the juxtaposition of rustic materials with modern design elements. We have done some beautiful work recently incorporating reclaimed barn board timbers into kitchen design. The end look in this project was a stylish and modern farmhouse kitchen with a nod to the history of the 300 year old home it resides in. Farmhouse style checking another off the Houzz’s Most Popular list.

Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review

The warmth of wood. Well, we love wood.

Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review  Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review  Houzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Review

OpHouzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Reviewen shelves. Open shelves are a wonderful way to display pretty pieces; “Houzzers were particularly drawn to reclaimed wood, which adds warmth and texture and breaks the kitchen out of the all-white box”. One of the cabinetry displays in the our new Boston Design Center showroom features fantastic reclaimed pine open shelving – come visit anHouzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Reviewd check them out in person.

Statement lighting. Lighting is an opportunity to bring a unique look to a space, we had a ton of fun working with Lucia Lighting while outfitting our new showroom. And we too have seen some fun lighting choices in kitchens. Although my favorite is less of a statement and more of a clever custom design. In the 300 year old farmhouse, featured above, the ceilings were too low for pendants above the island. Matthew Lord created a one of a kind light fixture recessed into antique beams.

Deep lowHouzz's Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 - a JF Reviewer-cabinet drawers instead of cabinet doors. At the risk of repeating myself – Storage is king! Lower cabinets can become black holes for lids and pans and wooden spoons… Replacing open cabinet space with deep drawers turns every inch of the cabinet into usable space. The drawers can be behind doors too if you prefer the look of lower cabinets.



Most of the Houzz favorites were right on par with our favorites- Brass hardware – yes! Looks wonderful in our Boston showroom, and I love the look of Subway tile with dark grout for backsplash tile. There were, however, a couple of trends that left me scratching my head…  French cafe chairs and stools? Maybe just not my style… The other red light for me was Undercabinet toe-kick lighting I don’t know about you, but in my house there are kids, who drop things. A lot of things. Illuminating the crumbs, cheerios and odd goldfish cracker that may be awaiting the vacuum doesn’t seem like the greatest idea to me. While I appreciate the idea of “a nice little lit path along the floor” I would rather not spotlight my less than stellar housekeeping! Let crumbs live in the shadows, where they belong.

Well Houzz, you did a nice job with your 20 Most Popular Kitchen Photos of 2015 article, but next year just ask us – we’d be happy to provide you with all the photos you need, except for the toe-kick lighting…