JF Bites – Winter Farmers Markets

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JF Bites - Winter Farmers Markets

January is upon us, the gyms are bustling, new diets are still in their honeymoon period and the local wine merchant is reconsidering that early retirement plan (Drynuary, yep. It’s a thing). A healthy January doesn’t have to be painful – in fact there are a lot of great healthy local foods around, even in New England’s frozen state, and many local farmers continue to sell at winter farmers markets.

The benefits of shopping at your farmers market stretch far and wide, as a shopper you get to know your local food growers, eat fresh and seasonal food, connect with your community and support your local economy. In fact, the benefits of supporting your local winter market can have a far wider reach for farmers during a difficult time of year.

JF Bites - Winter Farmers Markets

JF Bites - Winter Farmers MarketsEating seasonally and locally can be tough for New Englanders, the idea that potatoes and cabbage are our only options is still widely believed. In reality we have a wide range of tasty goodies at our fingertips, as the chart above shows -from Seacoastharvest.org

All it takes is a little time, a little googling and a willingness to try some new things and your farmers market can become your best winter resource. I’ve even done some of the legwork for you – check out these great resources for finding local markets and using your winter veg.

Seacoast Eat Local Lists all the Seacoast area markets and has a slew of great recipes.

FarmFresh.org  A local food guide for Metro Boston including all the ongoing farmers markets.

Edible Boston Edible Magazines are a phenomenal and beautiful publication that are all over the US, the Boston winter issue has some extremely delicious recipes – the photography alone will make your mouth water.

Tree Hugger Yes, there are quite a lot of lentil and kale recipes here – but it’s also a great resource for eating locally.

Preparing every locally grown meal by hand is a grJF Bites - Winter Farmers Marketseat goal but, like many of those new gym memberships, the novelty might wear off. Just because you can’t make all your own meals isn’t an excuse to fall into the fast food trap. Anytime i’m at the JF showroom in the Boston Design Center I make it a point to hit Jubali. The Jubali Farmacy occupies one of the IDB’s awesome containers and every day they have the most delicious fresh food – their daily bowl has never let me down and the chia pudding… sigh. Definitely worth a trip – schedule a noon meeting with JF and we’ll introduce you to your new favorite lunch.