Stone Point Studio Creates Art from Off Cuts

5 Min.


“The eye of an artist but the hands of a builder”

David Allan embodies the  spirit of art, over 20 years of creative trade and art experience have contributed to his distinctive style that combines naturally occurring medium with various shapes, geometric patterns and forms. This unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision come together to produce artwork that celebrates the beauty of nature and science.

“Working with Natural medium offers endless opportunities for creation. Wherever I look, I see things that can be used to create something more than what they appear to be on the surface. It is only through the process of working with, and handling any particular medium, that I am able to find its true form. “

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David’s merging of natural elements and scientific theory feel very reminiscent of the mix of aesthetics and function that go into a Jewett Farms + Co. kitchen design. The desire for beauty combined with the need for stability. We are thrilled to invite David into our showroom where he will install an art piece made from our offcut materials. As part of the 2016 Boston Design Week David will spend a day in our Boston Design Center space creating and sharing his art.

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Work in progress…

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